Willie Mays

Willie Mays was born and raised in Detroit, Mi, and attended Detroit Public schools.  Willie has over 20 years of experience in repair and maintenance for homes and commercial facilities. As a licensed real estate agent since 2017, he is trusted and loved within the senior communities and has worked at multiple nursing and senior facilities, where he acquired patience and a passion for people.  

Willie possesses and demonstrates multiple core values such as integrity, dependability, and consistency.  Willie is not a traditional agent, he has gone over and beyond for people, from picking up his clients who were without transportation, to helping with small repairs in a home.  His passion and expertise have secured multiple sales and leasing agreements. As an agent, Willie’s desire is to turn the renter into a homeowner. Willie has been instrumental in empowering and educating potential buyers to restart their home-ownership journey after having financial hardships and setbacks for a second chance.   Because of his years of maintenance experience, he has a niche in recognizing quality building structures, which makes him valuable to the real estate industry.